• Advocacy means raising your voice for those whose voices aren’t heard. For too long, peoples challenges are being discussed, however rarely discussed with those affected to find a joint solution. Through our policy and advocacy programs, we believe that creating an open platform for discussions together, not only addresses the symptoms of the most vulnerable but also the underlying factors in order to start creating sustainable positive change, together.

    Our advocacy work is dedicated to defend human rights laws, promote public policies and foster public awareness in order to improve the daily life of people facing discrimination and inequality. By building strategic alliances with the public and private sector, we believe that a multidimensional approach from local to state level opens up opportunities to influence our political leaders to respect the social contract and work towards a positive policy change that helps promoting a society that respects the most basic human needs.

    In Europe we advocate on critical issues concerning human rights and social inequality, in particular on human rights of asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants and protecting the human rights of women. In South Africa our particular focus is on reducing poverty, economic- and gender inequalities, social justice and good governance.

  • States and communities consist of complex cultural contexts with a dynamic economic, political and social landscape that can be difficult to navigate through as an international non-governmental organization. To provide one answer to the challenge of creating innovative societies, we choose to alter the problem formulation from ‘what can we do for the people’ to ‘what can we do with the people’.

    Our social innovation programmes seek to overcome the barriers of sustainable social and economic growth, such as high unemployment, social tensions, unreliable access to energy and food, by focusing on complementary models for economic growth through knowledge based learning and technology.

    By fostering the development of information technology, science and enhancing access to information and education, our aim is to mobilize people to become a social innovation driver that can help identify and formulate sustainable solutions for their respective community needs and ultimately contribute to greater social equality and economic growth.

    We seek to create communities that rather than falter due to hardship; will acquire the essential knowledge, social mobility and technological innovations to overcome development challenges.

  • We believe change comes with educating young people at an early stage to get involved and participate in their community. Project Ignite is an education programme with a focus on ethno-religious bridges that seeks to advance intercultural relationships and raise awareness within the younger population in underdeveloped countries by addressing pressing issues concerning gender, ethnic and religious discrimination through a line of workshops, seminars, mentor programmes and open events.

    On women’s issues, the Omnia Project seeks to empower women to create a world that respects women’s rights, that is free from violence and exploitation, promotes equal access to livelihood, equal employment opportunities and access to education. Our aim is to create a dynamic movement that addresses gender bias and challenges discriminatory patriarchal norms through individual mentor programmes, workshops and conferences.