• Partnership:

    As an international NGO operating across geographic borders, both on the regional and communal level, partnerships with strategic stakeholders and corporations are key in driving our challenging agenda forward.

    At the Arend Morad Foundation, corporate partnerships are an essential link to foster entrepreneurial spirit and drives development forward with its unique access to knowledge and know-how within the business sector.

    The socio-economic and ethno-cultural problems we face as a human family, and seek to address as an organization, are created by a multitude of factors in an interdependent world. No single entity can tackle such dynamic and pressing challenges alone.

    Effective solutions require integration. The coordination of actors working together by contributing specific skills and talents help advance our cause and by nurturing multifaceted networks and alliances over time, our strategic vision can be executed and set the steppingstones for a more sustainable and effective corporate social responsibility.

  • Volunteer:

    Our Volunteers are driven by their belief in positive change, they desire a more equal society and envision a more sustainable way of life for their community.

    Through their efforts they directly generate a greater well-being for people and play a significant role in highlighting issues and making i.e. governments more responsive to their citizens.

    If you wish to get involved in the issues we care about, please complete our volunteer registration form below and submit it to us.

    Alternatively you can email us with your specific request to volunteer@arendmoradfoundation.org and we will get in touch with you shortly after.

    Thank you very much for your Interest. We welcome you warmly on board.


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  • Ways to give

    Donating to the Arend Morad Foundation means to take part in changing the lives of many in our continued quest towards building a more just and peaceful world.

    We realize that for our committed donors some of the challenges we seek to overcome are closer at heart than others. Therefore, the Arend Morad Foundation provides its donors with options to select and fund specific programs and projects, in addition to the choice of showing your support by making a general donation to the foundation.

    Donors that support us with amounts greater then 1000 Euros or the equivalent in local currency will enjoy a special relationship with our management team and will be receiving exclusive invites and priority access to our events and fundraisers.

    To make your donation please email us at

    We will revert with the relevant information.

  • Sponsorship:

    In becoming a Sponsor to the Arend Morad Foundation and our Programs and Events your organization and brand helps us inspire, equip and connect people to think bigger and think differently about what’s possible in their communities.

    As a sponsor to our foundation you will benefit from being associated with campaigns for positive social change, programs that empower individuals to lead the change and take part in our efforts to connect people across sectors, geographies and cultural communities.

    This is great way to promote Brand Awareness and increase customer loyalty while differentiating yourself from competitors.

    Corporate gifts, event sponsorships, and cause-related marketing are examples of how you could collaborate with us as a Sponsor.

    Whether your Sponsorship Efforts are purely an extension of your generosity or you have other philanthropic, strategic or commercial goals, we will work closely with you as we cultivate our relationships with our sponsors.

    The business benefits of philanthropic giving and sponsoring can include: increased employee loyalty, public goodwill, increased sales, and community or public infrastructure support.