All people should have their fundamental human rights and needs met, unfortunately we live in a world that still suffers from great and increasing inequalities. When people feel empowered, we believe a positive change can happen.

The Arend Morad Foundation is an international non-governmental organization operating out of Stockholm, Sweden and Cape Town, South Africa. Established in 2016, the foundation is independent and holds a non-party-political and non-religious stance in its aims towards creating dynamic and tolerant societies, in joint collaboration with public and private stakeholders.

Access to education and information, a life free from discrimination, personal development through equal opportunities and the promotion of concepts for sustainable societies are the cornerstones of the Arend Morad Foundation. By empowering people to influence their economic, political and social sphere, our aim will be to lessen existing economic and social disparities. We believe that by being a stepping stone for others, our shared world can become a better world for future generations.